Isla Vista Love and Remembrance Garden - The IVLRG at People's Park captures the collective spirit of collaboration that is currently taking shape in Isla Vista. The public art installation, in the form of a botanic landscape, will meander between IV's Peoples and Perfect Parks, dedicating a poetic space for contemplation.

Lath House Concrete Slab Project - Construct a concrete slab behind Estero Gardens as part of the community garden expansion plan.

Little Acorn Fence Project - Reconstruct the fence along the west side property line.

Memorial Restoration in Little Acorn Park - The Boy Scout Eagle community service project was chosen by Steven Holm of Goleta, a 17 year old senior at Dos Pueblos High School and a member of Santa Barbara Scout Troop 1. He was the project leader, planner, fundraiser and work supervisor for the entire project from start (12/15/2018) to finish (2/23/2019).

Shade Structure - This project includes the removal of 4 skylights and the re-roofing of an existing 412 sq. ft. restroom/storage structure, the addition of 310 sq. ft. to an existing patio area and construction of 615 sq ft patio cover with exterior lighting to be attached to the existing restroom/storage structure at Children’s Park. The existing structure and new patio cover are to be reroofed as one unit. All work to be conducted in conformance with the attached Project Info and Site Plan following all County regulations and guidelines as outlined in the Building Permit.

Sueño Orchard - Developed by the Park District in the 80s as a demonstration project, at one time the orchard contained over 30 kinds of trees, mostly fruit bearing, which were cultivated using organic methods and available to the public for consumption.

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