Isla Vista is a densely populated beachside community that generates large amounts of street waste. An overabundance of cars and lack of parking render street sweeping ineffective and contributes to a large buildup of trash and litter on local sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Without proper management, street waste quickly becomes a public safety hazard, contributes to urban decay, and pollutes the environment.


Adopt-A-Block encourages investment and involvement in the Isla Vista community by providing simple ways for volunteers to make a significant impact on the Isla Vista environment through clean-ups, outreach, and education.


Our volunteers use trash grabbers and reusable buckets to remove most of the trash that becomes trapped under parked cars and against curbs before it obstructs drains and contaminates stormwater runoff that flows into local marine and terrestrial habitats.


Facilitated by the Isla Vista Recreation & Park District in downtown Isla Vista, Adopt-A-Block is generously funded by Goleta West Sanitary District. The program also receives funding for additional staffing and special projects from UCSB Associated Students Coastal Fund and Keep America Beautiful. Thanks to the support of our funders and the efforts of Adopt-A-Block volunteers, Isla Vista continues to be an environmentally friendly, safe, and beautiful community.

Volunteers Picking Up Trash from Isla Vista Streets
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