Primarily funded by donations from the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department and the UCSB Office of Student Life, IVRPD administers and facilitates the Graffiti Abatement Program as a community service to help fight blight in the community. The Graffiti Abatement Program is also sponsored by Goleta West Sanitary District.

The donations fund a 5hr/week Work-Study student who tours the community on a bicycle and photographs and logs all graffiti that is visible from the street. The student then catalogs the images and logs the locations. If it’s in the County right-of-way it is noted if it’s on the street, sidewalk, or a wall or fence. It’s also noted if it is on private property outside of the County right-of-way, or a cable box, electrical box, Marborg dumpster, etc.

If it’s on private property further than the 8’ from the curb, a letter is sent to the property owner and lets them know the County Ordinance gives them 72hrs to address the problem. If it’s on a cable box or electrical box, the student informs the utility company so they can address the problem. If it’s on a wall or fence in the County right-of-way, the student paints over or removes the graffiti using environmentally sensitive products. At the end of each month, the incidents are organized by the tagger and the logs are sent to County Sherriff, UCSB PD, and SBPD so the offenders can pay restitution if caught.

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