Anisq'Oyo' 1

Sits on the south-facing wall of 913 Embarcadero del Norte (Alex’s Beauty Bar) looking into the “Cool Corner” area of Anisqoyo Park



Approx. 56’ long by 12’ Tall


Also has the potential to incorporate the electrical box which is approx. 4 ½  off the wall and measures approx. 4’ wide x 4 ½ tall and 20” deep

Anisq'Oyo' 2

Sits on the north-facing wall of Rosarito Café looking into Anisq’Oyo’ park.



Approx. 70’ and 11 ½’ tall

Anisq'Oyo' 3

Sits on the south facing wall of the Anisq’Oyo’ Park restrooms located at 950 Embarcadero Del Mar. This mural will be unique in that it is a border/ frame for the community message board that will be installed on the side of the restroom



Approx. 12 ‘ long by 3 ½ tall

(The bulletin board will measure 5’ long and 3’ tall and be placed in the center)

Sweet Alley

Original home to the iconic whale mural. This space is the south facing wall of 955 Embarcadero Del Mar (Sweet Alley) and faces the District Office.



Approx. 58’ long x 16’ high

Bagel Café

Sits on the east facing wall of 6551 Trigo Rd. (Bagel Café) and faces into Little Acorn Park



Approx. 45’ long x 30’ tall


It also has a stove pipe that could be incorporated as a design feature to create depth.

Estero 1, 2, 3

We have (3) mural sites in the Estero Park located at 889 Embarcadero Del Sur. All sites are located on the recently constructed south facing wall between the Silverwood Townhouses and the park.

Each site will measure Approx. 20’ long x 5 ½’ tall and will be separated from one another by sections of vines.

Many thanks to the Silverwood Townhouses for allowing us to utilize the new wall. (One of these sites is being designed by the IVRPD Recreation Program kids)

Estero 4

This location sits on the back side of Estero park restrooms at 889 Embarcadero Del Sur and faces east looking into the Teen Center. This mural will be designed and painted by the teens of the Isla Vista Teen Center with the assistance of the Chicano Studies department of UCSB.

Approx. 10’ long x 10’ tall

Isla Vista Youth Projects

While located at 6842 Phelps Rd, the Isla Vista Youth Projects is not technically in Isla Vista. However it was founded in 1971 to serve the needs of the Isla Vista community and continues to do so today. We are proud to include them in the Isla Vista Mural Project. This location will require an artist willing to guide and assist the children of IVYP with the drawing and composition of the design and ultimately transfer and paint the final design.

Approx. 7’ long x 8’ Tall

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